Saturday, November 8, 2008

Postini & Cpanel & Exim - Not deliverying Quarantined email

If you are using Postini as a spam filter before hitting your CPanel SMTP server (which I highly recommend!), here are a couple tidbits to get it working properly.

  • Be sure to uncheck "Always accept mail locally even if the primary mx does not point to this server. " under the "Edit MX Entry" on a domain in WHM (WebHost Manager).
  • Under the "Exim Configuration Editor" in WHM, go to "Access Lists", the to "Whitelist: Trusted Mail Hosts/Ip Blocks (bypass all smtp time checks except recipient verification)".

    Make sure this box is checked. Now click "EDIT". Put this into your Trusted Mail Hosts (Whitelist).

Click "Save" on the "Trusted Mail Hosts" screen, and "Save" on the "Exim Configuration Editor".

Those two things should definitely help get your Postini install going