Monday, December 27, 2010

Javascript Frameworks and more...

I'm currently working on some new "web applications", that is traditional desktop type programs that are delivered through a browser, and need a space to store my research. Thus, the Interwebs will get to take advantage of my research. This will be an ongoing post...

You'll notice most of this will be client-side focused and jQuery based. Sorry, that's the way it is. I'm not so concerned with the server-side because if I do this right, it will be server agnostic. Although, I'll probably implement in C# or PHP.

jQuery UI
jQuery Mobile

Application Frameworks


Color Picker

Thursday, September 2, 2010

XDebug Loading - Windows, ZWAMP

This one's a quickie.

I'm currently developing some code in PHP 5.3 on my local Windows 7 64-bit box using ZWamp and Postgres. I was trying to get XDebug running and couldn't get it to load properly

Well, it's all about semantics.
  1. You have to load with "zend_extension". It will not load completely/correctly with "extension". You will get "XDEBUG NOT LOAD AS ZEND EXTENSION".
  2. zend_extension does not take into account "extension_dir". You must use the full path to XDebug.
  3. zend_extension does not give any warnings when the extension does not load using zend_extension... At least it doesn't crash the starting of Apache like an incorrect extension path.
  4. DO NOT USE "zend_extension_ts". This was deprecated as of PHP5.3.
So, how did I get it to work with ZWamp?

zend_extension = "/.sys/php/ext/php_xdebug-2.1.0-5.3-vc9.dll"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

X Redirecting to Myspace - Continued

So it seems we have narrowed down the problem...

Cisco Linksys Router, specifically the WRT-160N model. It appears there is a bug in this routers recursive DNS implementation in firmware and Linksys refused to acknowledge this.

Solution (this appears to fix it):
Configure your local computer to use DNS servers INSTEAD of getting them through DHCP (when the router gives your computer networking information).

Google and OpenDNS both provide Public DNS servers.

Good luck! Let me know in the comments if you are having this problem with other routers.